Monday, November 1

Wedding Envy

I stumbled upon this wedding last week while looking for pictures of yellow shoes online and I fell in love! I just hope that our wedding comes together this well, and photographs beautifully like this one did. (Well, I guess that's more up to our photographers!).

All photos from here

Love, love, love this wedding! I don't think I've mentioned it, but our colour scheme is black, white, and yellow. It is so nice to see the colours come together so well and not look too goth-y (you never know with black, right?). So, this is going to be a good foundation for our wedding look. Let the inspiration begin!

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  1. Gah! We're somewhat color-twins! :-) Mine are black, white, lime green, and lemon yellow. I've been looking for funky shoes everywhere, so I LOVE this post. Definitely following. Check me out at