Sunday, November 14

Sunday Fun: Camo Weddings

Continuing on with interesting wedding themes, this week I thought I'd look at Camo Weddings. Now, I'm Canadian, and don't really know anyone who hunts or even owns a gun, but I guess in some places hunting is such an ingrained part of life that people choose to incorporate it into their weddings. Hm. Definitely not my choice by far, but it obviously works for lots of people!

Feast your eyes on these beauties... and don't think that the camo is going to be limited just to decor!

Even my beloved Lia isn't safe!

Okay, there are literally SO many pictures out there! I tried to give a general overview of everything... dresses and attire, cakes, other decor. Hm, it's definitely an interesting concept for a wedding. Oh, and I just realized that there is a show out there called 'My Big Fat Redneck Wedding." Really? Has anyone actually seen this?

So again, sorry I've been gone for a while. My laptop is officially dead... it's the hard drive. Luckily I just backed up all my files the day before this happened. So fingers crossed that I can get it back up and running soon!

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  1. these dresses are beautiful. it gives me an idea on how I would want my wedding to go.