Sunday, November 21

Sunday Fun: Hello Kitty Weddings

Confession Time: I am obsessed with Hello Kitty. I am wearing my Hello Kitty housecoat right now while I sit typing on my computer with a Hello Kitty mouse. I see something Hello Kitty and I. have. to. have. it. no matter how ridiculous or unnecessary it is. What can I say? I'm a 4-year old Asian girl at heart. This obsession definitely was intensified when I lived in Japan for a year. Oh, sweet Hello Kitty heaven!

Me meeting Hello Kitty at a Hello Kitty theme park in Japan. Dreams do come true! (Personal Photo)

So, today I present something that is my actual, no-so-secret, dream wedding. (D, how embarrassed are you right now?) The Hello Kitty wedding! Hm, where to start?

First, of course, is the dress. You definitely can't do understated in a Hello Kitty wedding dress.

Maybe if you're lucky, Hello Kitty will actually show up at your wedding as a guest!

Don't forget your Hello Kitty bouquet!

And of course, you will have to cut your Hello Kitty cake.

And finally, hop into your Hello Kitty getaway car.

All photos from here, here, and here.

Seriously folks, if I could get away with this, I would. Right now I'm thinking maybe I could have a Hello Kitty bridal shower instead, if we can design it so that it doesn't look like a child's birthday party!

What do you think? Hello Kitty wedding, yay or nay?


  1. LOL, that is beyond awesome.
    -Miss Puppy Love

  2. LOL! Girl, I LOVEEE Hello Kitty, too! I think if done right, a hello kitty bridal shower would be awesome.

    My little niece is currently into hello kitty and I'm so enjoying shopping for her because of that... well, kinda.. I end up wanting it all for myself, lol!

  3. Haha, D! You knew what you were getting yourself into when you asked me to marry you!

    I know it's ridiculous but I can't help myself!