Monday, November 15

Cake Toppers

I'm so sad... Without my hard drive I don't have any of my original inspiration pics to post! Although I luckily backed everything up, I did it in Toronto when I was visiting D and it's all up there on our external hard drive. So boo... I will have to do this from memory.

So, cake toppers! Once we decided on doing an actual wedding cake (as opposed to cupcakes or something else), it was time to start looking for fun things to put on top of said cake. One of the biggest trends in cake toppers right now are birds, namely the Ann Wood birds.

Oh so cute! The Ann Wood birds are definitely a unique (well in my circle at least, maybe not the online wedding community) and fun way to top a wedding cake. Unfortunately, if the price wasn't enough to deter me, it was Ds strong aversion to topper and his reminder that we both actually hate birds. Bubble burst. So I moved on to more ideas.

The next one I stumbled upon has also made quite the circuit of all-things wedding online. The Lollipop Workshop cake topper is super cute and can be custom made to look like the bride and groom. They are really popular and for a while the shop was actually closed because of the high demand, but since our wedding is/was so far away, that wasn't a huge concern.

What's that I see? A cake topper with a puppers on it? I die... I think that was actually the biggest selling point for this one. I love the idea of somehow incorporating our pup Rylee in our big day since she won't be able to actually be there. So this one is a definite option. The only downside is, again, the price. At just over $100, it is a bit steep, but I think we could keep it as a memento for years to come and the customized option is really appealing. So I guess we have a decision to make...

The most recent discovery that I found was again on Etsy. I was perusing cake toppers one day and kept noticing vintage cake toppers coming up.

There is something that I love so much about these cake toppers! I just think they are so pretty and interesting, and they would really be a conversation piece and a nice memento of the wedding. Like the Lollipop Workshop cake topper, it would be something to save after the wedding as a keepsake. I really like the idea of turning it into a Christmas ornament to celebrate our first married Christmas. Haha, nerd! The good thing about this type of cake topper is that there are TONS of them, and they are relatively inexpensive (there are some on Etsy starting around $10-15. Not bad). The only downside? Ideally, I'd want the couple to look somewhat like us, and since D is a redhead, it might be a bit more difficult to track down. And I'm not sure if I trust myself and my crafting abilities to paint the hair the right shade. So again, a decision needs to be made, but we're not in a huge rush.

How did you make a decision about your wedding cake topper? Do you think it's ridiculous to spend upwards or $100 for one?


  1. I'm debating the same thing too! I love the toppers Lollipop Workshop. FH views it as a keepsake from the day, but I still struggle with spending over $100 on one of them!

  2. Yah, the ones from Lollipop are soooo cute! I really can't choose...