Saturday, November 6

Being a Long-Distance Fiancée

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but D and I are living apart this year. Le sad... He is finishing his last year of law school, and I moved back to our hometown, which is also where the wedding will be, because I finished school in June and came here in hopes to start my career. Well, it's November now and there are still no jobs (in my field) in sight. So I can't help but wonder, what exactly is the point of us living apart?

We have been together for over ten years now, and we spent the past three years living together. During that time, we really hit our stride as a couple and learned the ins-and-out of cohabitation and how to make it work for us. For example, I hate anything to do with garbage or nasty leftovers in the fridge, so D takes care of it. In return, I handle the bathrooms and most other cleaning. It works. Also, if one person cooks dinner, the other person does the dishes. It took a little while, but we really hit our stride. Obviously, we did have problems adjusting to living together, but over time it all worked itself out.

So now we are living apart, and it SUCKS. Mega kudos to those ladies whose hubbies are overseas or who have been doing long-distance for a long time. It's only been two months, and we are barely hanging on. I think after spending so much time together, and being used to hanging out every day and going to bed together every night, it has been quite an adjustment. We try to talk via Skype at least every other day, and if we don't Skype we usually text or email. Also, we try to plan visits every few weeks, which usually involves me driving down for the weekends.

So we are making it work. Honestly, I think D has it much worse off than I do. I am living at home with my parents, I get to keep our fur-baby, Rylee, with me here, and I am around all of our family and in the place where all the wedding plans are taking place. He is five hours away, away from family, and has to study and go to school. I think it is a bit more lonely for him out there, but I still miss him like crazy and am counting down until April when he moves back for good. Can't wait!!

Also, I feel like since I am here, and a lot of the wedding planning is coming from me, it's hard that he's not around to be a part of things. I don't want to be a too controlling, take everything over, it's my way or the highway type bride, so I am trying really hard to keep him involved in things through our daily chats (and this blog... Hi D!). Anyways,
I am heading up there next weekend, and then he is back for almost all of December, and then we just have January - April, and he's coming home. I am just so excited to get our own place again and settle back into our routine.

I feel like this post came across as a bit whiny, so I just want to end by saying that I know we have it pretty good, and these eight months of long distance is not the HUGE deal that I'm making it out to be. Others definitely have it worse off than we do. But, D truly is the love of my life and I just can't wait for our grown up lives to get started - together.

Hmm... Let's add a gratuitous puppy pic to end this off. This is our little pupperoo, Rylee!

(Personal Pic)

Have struggled with a long distance relationship? How did you deal?


  1. Gah!

    1. Love the pup!

    2. My hubby-to-be is also "D"!

    3. We've been together for 7+ years!

    4. I'm applying to law school right now!

    5. I don't know what I would do if D wasn't around to take out the trash! Come January through June, we'll be embarking on a long-distance relationship...not excited about it. Les sigh.

    Miss Puppy Love

  2. Haha, we def have a lot in common!

    Being long-distance definitely sucks. But at least there is an end in sight! I'm sure the 6 months apart will fly for you. It's totally doable. And at least I'm living with my parents now, so my dad still takes out the trash! Phew!

    Good luck with your law school apps! xx