Wednesday, March 2

Cross-Border Shopping Success!

So I mentioned that last weekend my parents and I hit up the States for a little wedding related shopping trip. I was able to get a lot of stuff crossed off my list!

1 - Foam board

I bought three sheets of this board to use as the base for my flower initial DIY project. They are foam-core boards covered in cardboard, so although I will still have to use a glue gun to attach the flowers rather than just jam the flowers into the board, at least they are sturdy. I bought three with the intent of attaching them together to make it nice and thick. (Total cost - $3)

2. Fake Flowers

So I bought greenish white hydrangea stems to use to cover the flower initials. I literally bought all flowers they had in stock, so hopefully it is enough! Each stem has 6 blooms on it, and I bought 12 stems. The overall quality was pretty good, considering they were from the dollar store! (Total cost - $12)

I also got a single stem of white phaelanopsis orchid from Michaels. They were on sale for %40 off, so the price was very reasonable. I'm not sure if they are real-touch or something like that, but they have a really nice, almost waxy texture. Super realistic! I was very happy with this purchase, and I plan on using them to decorate a set of willow branches I previously bought. (Total cost - $6)

3. Thank You Cards

They are very generic but super cute! Plain white cards with two embossed rings that are a shiny, sparkly metallic. We will probably include a small picture from the wedding to personalize them a bit, but those decisions won't be made until well after the wedding! Best ever was the cost... for a box of 50 cards and envelopes, they were only $2.99! So, for two boxes our total cost was only $6. Ridic.

4. Invitations!

My plan for the longest time was to craft my own invitations. Then I realized how much work THAT would be (sourcing cardstock and other supplies, printing, cutting, assembling, etc.). I then had the idea to just buy something simple and custom from Etsy. But even at $3 - $4 an invitation, the costs could quickly add up. We stumbled upon these at Target on clearance and I bought them on a whim. D wasn't with me so I crossed my fingers he would like them, and luckily he did! We are going to add some colour in the form of ribbon, custom labels, etc. and try to come up with a cute design. You'll just have to hang tight to see what they look like all done up - suffice it to say that right now they are basically white cards with a black border, a silver pocket, and black envelopes. Very basic, but very easy to make our own. So it will still be a bit more work that having them made for us, but it's not so back as starting from scratch with a stack of blank paper. Should be fine... fingers crossed! (Total cost - $60).

So basically, for around $80, we took care of a huge chunk of what we needed. Invitations are definitely a huge expense, so I feel like we really dodged a bullet on that one. And $6 for our thank you cards? That's what I call shopping success!

What has been your been your biggest bargain so far?