Saturday, November 27

One Down, Three to Go!

So BM N (who you might remember from that uneventful yet hilarious trip to Buffalo) texted me this morning - She bought her bridesmaid's dress! She came with me last weekend when I ordered MY dress, and the salon happened to be having this big sale, so she got a gorgeous black bridesmaid dress for only $50. Total score! She didn't buy it last weekend when we were there because we weren't 100% sure, but after leaving the shop she immediately regretted not buying it, so they put it on hold for her and she picked it up today. Yay!

The only thing about the dress is that the style is a bit risque, and needs to be altered. Let me start by saying I love it and it looks absolutely amazing on her, but it is a little low cut. As in, plunging neckline low cut. Looking at the dress straight-on it looks great, but when she turns to the side, there is a lot of side-boob action. Hm... definitely not 'church' appropriate. But the cut of the dress is so great, and after trying on lots and lots of dresses, this was definitely a favourite.

Jewelled Plunge Neck...

Not the dress, but the neckline is similar (Source)

So she bought it. And we are going to make it work. She's going to start by having the chest altered, since it was a bit big anyways and that might have been what was causing the little peep show to happen. If that doesn't fix the problem, we are going to look into adding a piece of fabric to the 'plunge' - either some lace or a piece of fabric similar to the dresses material. I think it will look great and I can't wait to see her wear it on the big day. Her buying a BM dress makes the whole thing feel a lot more real. Like, not only do I have MY dress, but my girls are getting theirs as well. Very exciting!

So, one down, three more to go. Fingers crossed that my other ladies will find some lovely little black dresses at an after-holiday sale. That would be so perfect!

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