Thursday, November 18

How Engaging!

So, engagement photos were something that I thought were a great idea, but I couldn't really justify the price. As amazing as engagement photos look, we didn't REALLY need anything and the money that would go towards them could be better spent elsewhere. And, when we booked our wedding photographer, we really splurged, so as far as I was concerned, in terms of photography, that was it.

But we were lucky! The first weekend in September, I went to a local wedding show with my mom and future mother-in-law, and I entered a contest to win an engagement session with one of the exhibitors. And I won! I know people always say this, but I've never won a contest before. Very exciting.

So we set up our photoshoot for a weekend that D came home, and we met our photographer in downtown Ottawa. I was a bit nervous about being photographed all afternoon paparazzi style, but it actually was fun and not scary. Our photographer was so nice and encouraging, and even though we had a few passersby stop to watch, it wasn't bad. It was my ANTM moment! And I definitely can't complain about spending the afternoon holding hands and being kissy with D!

Anyways, here are a few teasers! We are planning on printing them into our guest book, so I don't want to give them all away, so they really are just teasers! They turned out SO well, I'm so happy! Despite all the butterflies I might have on the actual wedding day, at least I know the photography part should be a breeze.

All photos courtesy of
Tracey Lynne Photography.

Oh Hi, Little Miss Rylee!

Did you have a tough time deciding whether or not to get engagement photos?


  1. Your engagement photos look great! Ours weren't included in our wedding package but we were keen to have some good pictures of ourselves. Plus I'm planning on using them for save the dates and a few other things here and there. We had them taken almost a month ago...patiently waiting to see what they look like!

  2. Yah, now that we have them I'm really happy we got them! It's so nice having some professional, everyday photos of us. And I was sooo impatient waiting for them too! But definitely worth the wait!

  3. Originally I wasn't sold on the idea, but then I heard of incorporating them into the guest book & I was hooked. To sweeten the deal, a session was included in the package we chose with our photographer. :)