Wednesday, November 3

The Evolution of the Colour Palette

Choosing colours for the wedding make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the event. Due to our long engagement, our colour palette has had a lot of time to evolve and change.

The initial inspiration came from choosing the bridesmaids dresses. In an effort to be as low-key a bride as possible, I told my bridesmaids that instead of me picking out a dress in some horrid colour for them to wear, they could pick their own black dresses. I know this is becoming more and more of a trend now, so I hopped on the bandwagon. The good thing about letting the girls pick out their own dresses is that they might already have the perfect LBD at home and that way they don't even have to buy a new one. Also, it gives them the option of picking out a flattering style to their body type, something they actually like, and something they will *hopefully* wear again.

After I knew black was in the mix, I tried to think of colours that would accent and complement it. Obviously white would be in there, since it's a wedding, but what else? So I made the decision that we should each pick our favourite colour and together with black and white, that would be our colour scheme. So, after picking the colours (green for him, purple for me), we had a colour palette!

Keep in mind, this was a loooong time ago, closer to when we were first engaged, and when damask was oh so popular. I was head over heels for damask, and knew it would be perfect for our July evening wedding. Plus, after picking the perfect venue, the whole black, white, purple, green seemed to fit. Loved it, done.

But when you are engaged for 2+ years, things change and it's impossible not to get new ideas. There was something not vibing about this colour scheme, so I decided to drop the purple from our colour palette. Big change! With a black, white and green palette, things looked so fresh and bright. I had visions of centrepieces with limes, tall grasses, little topiaries... yeah, all over the place!

This was the new vision...
(both images from here)

And then, I changed my mind. Again. How annoying am I? Just call me Indecisive Bride. So, this is the new plan and I love it and it has (so far) stuck. Black, white, lemon yellow... and maybe bits of gray. For example, in my wedding envy inspiration I posted here, the groom wore a gray suit while the groomsmen wore black. Love that little pop, especially since the idea of the guys in yellow vests to 'set them apart' makes me want to vom.

Here it is!

All images from here

I should probably make my own inspiration board instead of randomly adding all of these, but you get the general idea.

Anyway, didn't realize it was possible to ramble for this long about colour! So, if you made it this far, congrats. Did you have a hard time picking out your wedding colours? Are you as indecisive as I am?


  1. Loved reading this (maybe cuz we're like color twins??).

    1) I WISH I could talk Mr. Puppy Love into wearing a gray suit, so we could set him apart somehow.

    2) Black, white, and purple is what I wanted at first, but Mr. Puppy Love hated purple, so he picked lime green. That was 1 1/2 years ago. I got bored. I wanted yellow, but just a little yellow. I was obsessed with having lemon and lime slices in the centerpieces, so I added splashes of yellow. YAY!

    3)I too was obsessed with damask at first. The I got over Now, I'm obsessed with funky swirly black and white prints.

  2. Love your colour scheme!

    Not sure yet what D is planning to wear, but I def suggested the gray suit. I think it will look so good! But no plans have been made yet.