Friday, November 26

Let's Get Some Shoes

Haha, please tell me you know where that came from! That video is SO old, but still hilarious.

So, D and I are heading to an office Christmas party in a few weeks, and I already have my dress (I think, unless something better comes along!), so I thought I should find a pair of fun party shoes to go with it. I was looking online today for ideas, and it got me thinking about what to wear for the wedding.

Now, when I ordered my dress, they had to order extra length because I'm pretty tall (5'10"). The dress was only about 2" too short, so with the added length I should be able to get 2 - 3" heels to wear with it. D is 6'4" so added height isn't a huge concern, BUT we will be towering over most of our guests, and heels will definitely make me taller than my dad. Oh, well.

So, wedding shoes. This is my current go-to inspiration pic for wedding shoes:

The Culver by Nina (in Canary)

Since our wedding colours are black, white and yellow, I really wanted to wear yellow shoes for the wedding. Yellow is one of my favourite colours, and the Nina shoes could definitely be worn and re-worn after the wedding, probably more so than a pair that matched my dress.

A few weeks ago I was on a shopping trip in the States, and I found the Nina shoes at Macy's (in black though, not yellow). I tried them on and pranced around the store for a while, and made a few notes on them. First of all, they weren't super comfortable. They looked great, but they weren't the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. Also, and I'm not sure if this is typical of Nina shoes, but the material that the soles were made of was this slippery, smooth, molded plastic. I was walking around on carpet and tile, and they had terrible grip. So, I'm not sure if this is something to be concerned about. I definitely don't want to do a faceplant on the big day!

So they are still on the list, but I am still looking. And there are a lot of options out there! Yellow shoes are definitely not in season right now, so I think I will have to wait until the new year to look for some. But, that doesn't stop me from seeing what's out there now. My new love, and I'm pretty sure this is just a holiday trend, is the super sparkly glitter shoes. Something like this:

Oh, Louboutin. If only.

So cute. Even though they're not yellow, I think they would look so fun and festive peeking out from under my dress. The only thing with a metallic shoe is that I think I would have to coordinate it with the rest of my wedding accessories. Bah! This is too much work.

Or, should I just go for a pair of black shoes? I could definitely, definitely wear them again, and it would still make a statement. But do you think black shoes at a wedding (on the bride) are too morose? Hm... I have shoe indecision. And it doesn't help that there are so many gorgeous options out there!

Decisions, decisions... How did you decide on your wedding shoes?

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