Tuesday, November 23

Pretty Little Things

So now that I've picked out my dress (!!), it's time to think about... accessories!

Now, I know I haven't really shared details about my dress, because I want to keep it a surprise, but what I will say is that it is very plain. There are no sparkles, lace, embroidery, nothing. (Well, obviously... if you've been following along you know that was totally what I did not want). But, I definitely need to bling out my dress somehow. One of my favourite things to do to a plain dress is to add a fun, sparkly sash, so that's what I plan to do to my dress, and luckily it is the right style to really benefit from a sash. Although, instead of tying it around and having it hang down the back, I'm think I will probably have it sewn right onto the dress. That way, it will give the illusion of a sash or belt, but I don't have to worry about it twisting or moving during the day.

Something like this:

From Etsy

So a belt is the one thing I definitely want for my wedding day look. But of course, then we have jewelry! Here is some of my jewelry inspiration to go with my wedding day attire:

So, right now I'm thinking a bold bracelet with either pearls or crystals or a mixture of both, some simple drop earrings with pearls, and some vintage hair pins. I think I will pass on a necklace because I don't want to overdo things and be too blinged out.

Also, I can't decide on which colour metal I should go with, white or yellow gold? My engagement ring is yellow gold, and obviously my band will be yellow gold as well. But I find myself being more drawn to accessories that are either white gold or silver, and I'm pretty sure any sash I choose will be made with silver threading compared to gold - in that case I think yellow gold wouldn't really work - like it would end up looking too Bollywood or something, you know? So, I guess my question is, how horrible is mix and matching silver and gold? If the only thing that is gold are my wedding rings, will it look okay to have everything else in silver? What do you think?

Aaaaaand.... Discuss.

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  1. Well I honestly love the J Crew pearl bracelet, but that may be because I purchased it for myself! And I think you can definitely mix silver or white gold jewelry even if your engagement ring and band are yellow gold.