Friday, November 5

Save the Date: Too Late?

Is it too late to make and send out Save the Dates for our July wedding?

I know a lot of wedding timelines say to send them out 6-8 months ahead of time, so we are still well within that limit, but I feel like it is cutting it too close and would just be a waste of time, money, and paper.

Our families are all pretty close and well-connected, and everyone else who lives out of town or far away is pretty in the loop in regards to our wedding plans. So we're okay there.

But... they're so pretty!

I've been saving inspiration for a loooong time, and these are some of the ideas I've saved over time.

Love the kid pictures and twine in this one!

The classic photo strip (from here)

Cute calendar save the dates (from here)

How about one using our (hopefully, soon-to-be-seen) e-pics! (from here)

Or how about combining awesome e-pics AND a calendar? Loves it! (from here)

I actually already created a save the date template and was super close to ordering them from Vistaprint, but I haven't done it yet. I'm not sure what stopped me, but I feel like deep down I wanted to use engagement pics in them? So we'll see once we have our e-pics backs, if I decide to jump the gun and order some. Like I said, we have about 8 months to go from now. That's still plenty of time to order and send out save the dates, but I can't help but feeling like it's a waste of money. Indecisiveness strikes again!

What do you think I should do? Is it worth it to send out save the dates? When would the best time be to send them out for our July wedding?


  1. Personally, I feel like if all of your guests are already in the loop, then what's the point of a STD? They are suppose to go out for out of town guests that have to make travel arragements, but if they already know then I feel like it's a wasted expense that you will look back on and wish you had used the money towards something else.

  2. I don't think it is too late! We are getting married in July too and we are waiting on our e-pics to order STDs. I suspect they won't be going out until January. Since we have a lot of people travelling for our wedding I definitely do want to get them out to people.

  3. I don't think it's too late! It's def. a way to incorporate your e-pics and get your use out of them! We're having a June wedding and will be sending ours out come Dec. first.