Saturday, November 20

Finding the Dress: I Said Yes!

Today, in fact! I went in today to make my absolute, final decision, and get measured for my dress. MY dress! I'm so excited!

But let's backtrack a bit... Last time I left off on this (quite extensive) hunt for the perfect wedding dress, I was torn between two styles - the ballgown or a mermaid style. I knew for sure that I wanted something plain and simple, with no embellishments or added details save for a sparkly belt. So, there was one store left that I hadn't been to that I wanted to visit, and I was hoping in the process, I would find my dress. Boy, did I ever!

So, a few weeks ago we woke up bright and early to trek out to this one last shop. It was over an hour from my house, so my mom, sister/MOH, and grandmother hopped in the car and after arriving at the store, I explained what I was looking for. In fact, I brought pictures. At this point, I had trying on dresses for a while and so saturated with images, and I didn't want to get confused. So, I brought pictures of both the
Mori Lee and Jim Hjelm Blush dresses, and explained that I only wanted to see dresses that looked like them and nothing else. Controlling, much? Maybe, but I was pretty set on what I wanted and I didn't want to get confused. Unfortunately, they didn't have the exact dresses I wanted, so we looked through the racks to find something similar. After trying on a few dresses without success, a sales consultant walked by who looked strangely familiar. Why did she look so familiar?

Well, a few months ago, at the same bridal show that I won my engagement session at, there was a booth that had sample wedding gowns for sale. I tried on and fell in love with a dress, but unfortunately, it was a bit too small and too short (gotta love being 5'10!). I really loved it, but sadly had to leave it. And somehow I forgot about it. But, fast forward to us at this bridal salon, and it turns out, it was the same on that was in that booth at the show. So, I mentioned this to my consultant, and she knew what dress I was talking about and went to get it. Oh excitement! Unfortunately, the only sample of the dress they had in store was the same sample from the bridal show, and a girl had been in the day before, loved it, and put the sample on hold. Oh no! So disappointing. I mentioned to the consultant that I really loved this dress, and almost bought it at the show, and she said that they would still be able to order me one, but I couldn't try it on because it was on hold. Well, obviously I wasn't going to buy a dress that I couldn't try on.

But, (and I can't even make this stuff up!) while we were discussing my options, the same girl who had put the dress on hold called the store and said that she didn't want it anymore, leaving me to try it on. Yes! The consultant immediately grabbed the dress, put it on me, and I fell in love with it all over again. I had lost a bit of weight since the last time I tried it one, so it fit perfectly this time, and I just knew this was it. This was MY dress! But I didn't buy it that day.

All signs were pointing to the fact that this was my dress, but I didn't want to jump into things and buy it. I had to make sure. So I came home, and thought about it, and thought about it, and couldn't STOP thinking about it, so today I went back, and put it on again, and didn't want to take it off. This dress was MY dress, so I ordered it! Now I just need to wait for 4 months...

Side note... Was anyone surprised at how easy it is to measure for a wedding dress? She took my bust, waist, and hips, and then ordered the size that averaged my measurements (which happened to be the same as the sample, so I know it will be fine). Is this pretty typical?

So Friends, this is the end of my dress saga, at least until it comes in! I am so happy with my choice and so excited for D to see me in it. In fact, I'm just SO ready to get married... Why do we have to wait until July, again?

I have made the decision not to put a picture of my dress on this blog, because I really want to try and keep it secret from as many people as possible until the big day. But let me just say, it fits in to all the criteria I had, and more. It is absolutely lovely! And I can't wait for all of you to see it... in approximately 7 and a half months!

Did you struggle to find the right wedding dress for you? Did it turn in to a huge ordeal, or did you know right away?

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