Thursday, December 9

A Sweet Treat

Let's talk about favours! There are so many options out there for wedding favours, but I think the best option for us is an edible favour. I don't want to buy hundreds of little knick-knacky things only to have them left behind and have it be a huge waste. Plus, I couldn't really think of anything non-edible that I would want to give out as a memento of our big day. At least with something people can eat, I will be guaranteed that there will be nothing left. Trust me... if you met my family you'd understand!

So, edible favours. There are lots of options out there. One of the first pictures that I bookmarked very early on in the process were these:


These are so cute and obviously very appropriate for the occasion. And how easy would they be to make on our own? On the website they are listed as truffles, but I thought we could even make them as cake pops. Yum. So this is one option.

My next idea actually came from when I took our parents to see the venue. The day we went in they were setting up for another wedding and this was their favour, so it's totally stolen from that couple. Oh well!


Macarons, so adorable! So, for these I was thinking we could make them ourselves (ugh, DIY! What am I doing?) and then package them in clear boxes with a ribbon. Very cute. And obviously they would be made in our wedding colours (I'm thinking white/yellow and yellow/white macarons, with a black ribbon on the box). The only thing is, I've never tried a macaron. Are they good? And also, they are apparently very difficult to make. So there might be something better and easier out there.

And finally:


These are really cute too. They are sugar cookies piped with icing and stacked into the shape of a wedding cake. I don't even like wedding cakes that much but I like these. And again, we can stick them in those clear boxes with a ribbon on it, and we can probably make them ourselves.

So those are my three ideas. Which favour do you like the best? Which one is just meh?

And just another note about the macarons (because I think, still, these are my fave!). D went to a dinner party a few weeks ago and these were served for dessert. And he loved them. So now he is a little obsessed with macarons too. Also, my mom is making candy cane macarons as favours for Christmas dinner, so that could be our trial run to see how hard they are to make. What do you think? (Okay, enough. I'm done trying to justify the macarons!)

Did you have a hard time choosing your wedding favours? Did you go for edible or non?


  1. I like the strawberry idea the best - its so cute! And very appropriate for a summer wedding! AND, because they'd be in season, they'd probably be super cheap as well.

    For the macaroons I kind of feel they're more of maybe a sweet table item or perhaps could be offered as a late night nibble? I dunno, they just don't say "favour" to me.
    As for the wedding cake idea - while being super cute - I just think its going to be a LOT of work - it looks like each cake takes about 10 sugar cookies? Plus all that hand-piping to layer them...yikes! I can see you getting super frustrated halfway through and that's never a good thing. Plus don't they have a a very short "fresh" life? That would mean you'd be baking/decorating/packaging them pretty much the week before, and that is a LOT to handle that close to the day.

    Whew! Sorry for the long winded comment! For favours we are most definitely doing a help-yourself candy buffet. I know, overdone, but its simple and low-stress and easy to do. Packaging 85 individual favours would drive me completely insane.

  2. Hi! I found your blog from the weddingbee post and I am so glad I did :-) I knew I wanted edible favors from the beginning.. something people would enjoy but wouldn't collect dust on their mantels. We decided to do a candy buffet and I LOVE how it turned out. We still (almost 2 months later) have friends commenting on it and it was my biggest project over the year. Those sugar cookies are super cute, but I agree with Sarah, they might be a lot of work. I had dreams of caramel apples on the candy buffet and every single person I talked to warned me that it would be a ton of work and not worth it. I am sure they are right but at the same time I will never know. Trial run on the weekend is the best way to know if you would get sick of it or if it's just right :-) I am following now and looking forward to reading more.

  3. You're both right... those cookies would probably be a lot of work. I think for any of the options, since we would probably be DIY-ing them, we would have to do trial runs to see which took the most effort. I'm curious if any of them would freeze well and if they could be done ahead of time... I guess that is something else to look into!

    I think we are also going to have a late night sweet table so the rejects can go on here. We'll see!

    Thanks for the comments... it definitely helps me to work things out in my head! x