Monday, December 6

Photography: Check!

When we first starting planning the wedding and determined how much money we had to spend on it, we decided to prioritize what was most important to us. Hands down, the most important thing to both of us was wedding photography. So, we started looking.

One of the first things I learned was that D and I are super picky when it comes to photography. There is definitely a certain look we are going for when it comes to capturing the big day, and unfortunately a lot of Ottawa photographers didn't have that look. Or if they did, they were WAY out of our price range.

So the hunt was on. What we pretty much did was I looked up various photographer websites and made a list of the ones I liked. Then I sent the list to D and he vetoed the ones he didn't like. We went back and forth like this until we narrowed it down a bit. Then we contacted and scheduled to meet a few.

After meeting a few Ottawa photographers, none of them really clicked with us and we decided to keep looking. One of my classmates, who got married this past summer, recommended the company who would be doing he wedding videography (she hadn't got married yet at this point). We looked at their website and LOVED them, so we decided to set up a meeting.

Now, after having a few unsuccessful meetings with photographers, this one couldn't have gone any better. The owner of the company is a young guy, and his business partner is his fiancee. They are about the same age as us, so we just clicked instantly. To make it even better, we had our puppers Rylee at the meeting with us (because we were roadtripping home for the weekend), and the photographers' dog was there too, and they were instant besties. It was so cute.

But back to the meeting... So, we were already pretty much sold on the photography when we met them, it was more to see how our personalities clicked and if we felt comfortable with them doing our wedding. While there, we had a chance to look at some of their wedding videos and the type of work they were able to do. They were so accommodating to our needs, and we were able to work out a custom package that included photography and video for the full day for an awesome deal! They are even traveling from out of town to Ottawa (they live near Toronto) and are only charging $100 to travel. Amazing. So now fingers crossed that they do a great job with our wedding too!

Anyways, here's what you've been waiting for: the pictures! All photos were taken from their website and is property of Empty Cup Media.







So amazing! I am so excited for that to be US in the pictures! Also, once we saw what they could do with the video, we were sold on that as well. I didn't think I wanted video until I saw their work - amazing. Now I'm completely, 100% sold. So excited. If you want to see some of their video work, click here. I don't know how to imbed video unfortch... Oh, and if you want to see the cutest thing ever, check out our photographer proposing to his girlfriend/business partner here. It is such a great idea and so perfect considering they LIVE for video.

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