Tuesday, December 14

Random Musings

A few things...

1. I'm dumb. D and I went to his mom's house for dinner on Sunday, and she was showing us something on her camera so I started scanning through the camera looking for pictures of me trying on wedding dresses. Duh, why not? So I found a group of pictures that was from our very first shopping trip back in April. And what was the first dress in the picture? MY dress. Like, the dress I ordered and am patiently waiting to come in. I have NO memory of trying on this dress during this trip, but I obviously did, and it left zero impression on me. Is that something I should be worried about? How can MY dress have been the first dress I ever tried on and it left no impression on me? Ugh, bridal brain.

2. The Save the Dates are in progress. The magnets are supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I've finally collected all the supplies I need to make the cards (after literally, about 5 trips to the craft store). So yesterday I decided I couldn't procrastinate any more and it was time to start putting it all together. Starting with envelope liners. Ugh, how annoying are envelope liners? But at least they are pretty... So yesterday was spent tracing, cutting and folding envelope liners. Tonight I am taping those suckers in, and then it's time to start the little tags that will be stamped with our wedding date. Save the Date tutorial still to come. Why am I wasting my time with all these details that people will likely not notice? Hopefully you all will appreciate it!

3. D is home for the holidays! I'm a happy girl. He came home last Thursday, and is here until early January. He was lucky to finish his exams super early and just has to finish a paper by the end of this week. It's weird to have him around all the time now, but awesome. And it was awesome when he cut out half the envelope liners last night. And even MORE awesome when he called our venue coordinator to 'lawyer' her. Oh, yes... story about that drama to come!

What has been going on with you all? I'm off to save-the-date it up! Jealous?

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