Wednesday, December 29

Aaand.... I'm Back.

Now that the holiday craziness has died down, it's time to get back on the blogging train. I hope all you lovelies had a great week and are enjoying getting back into the swing of things. I'm still off until next week, so I'm taking it easy because unfortch I feel like I'm getting a cold. Oh noes, just in time for New Year's too!

So what have I been up to? The Save the Dates are almost done and we actually assembled and handed out as many as we could over the weekend to save the postage (yah we did... great idea, I think). The rest will be assembled and mailed out this week, so we are done done done. Yes! I will definitely post about them this week.

Since some Save the Dates are out and people are starting to go to our wedding website, it's time to put some more info on there. I've also been researching hotels to try and block some rooms for our out of town guests. Do I just call and ask them to block off rooms for us? Not quite sure how that works... I'm also going to post some more info about things to do in Ottawa, bridal party details, and other events. Sounds like funsies!! (Or.... not.)

Right after (Canadian) Thanksgiving, I started doing this diet method. I was pretty good at following it for the first month, and saw great results. I have been trying to follow it as much as possible since then as well, and although there has been a bit of cheating (hello, Christmas baking!), I've pretty much stayed on track and not gained anything back. So now that it's a new year and I have that big white dress looming, it's time to get back on track! I will let you know how it goes... I am usually okay with the eating part, but it's actually working out that I struggle with. So we'll see!

Hm, what else? The macarons that my mom made as Christmas favours were a big fat fail. The tasted deelish but the cookies didn't rise properly when baking, so they were a little flat and deformed. Lesson learned is we are definitely not making them ourselves as wedding favours! But luckily, my dad knows someone who makes them for $4.50 a dozen... which seems like an AWESOME price. So we are going to look into that.

So, that turned into a bit of a brain-dump, but that's pretty much what's been going on. Now that it's almost January, we are almost at the 6 month mark, so the real projects are going to start. Hopefully some of you stuck around and are going to be here for all the craziness!

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  1. Congrats on doing well with your diet during the holidays! That's always the hardest. I don't blame you for handing out some of your Save the Dates, I actually think it's a great idea. We weren't going to do any, but while we were home EVERYONE was asking us when the weddin is (we've been engaged for a year and we've told people, they just forget) and a couple people kept going on and on about save the dates... so now I think we are going to give them a go!