Sunday, December 12

Sunday Fun: Grooms' Cakes

I think the groom's cake is more of an American tradition - I've definitely never seen one at a wedding I've been to. But they seem super fun and like a good tradition to have. The bride typically surprises her groom by ordering a groom's cake. It traditionally was a chocolate cake decorated in a more 'manly' fashion, but nowadays they can be decorated like anything, and typically are fashioned after some of the groom's favourite things. I think this is such a fun idea, and is definitely something I wouldn't mind incorporating into our wedding (although the last thing we need is more sweets!).

Here are some pictures of grooms' cakes I've stumbled upon in various places online. They range from traditional, to fun, to downright bizarre. See for yourself!


D would love this XBox one

Poker table

Gotta love Pac Man

Another Poker cake. Fancy!

For the motorcycle lover

Another one for D. So cool!

What do you think of grooms' cakes? Is anyone planning to get one for their groom?

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