Thursday, December 16

Petal Power

I'm definitely not a girl who has a green thumb, but I do love me some flowers! I've been gathering inspiration for what type of florals I want in the wedding, and am starting to research vendors. I think flowers are going to be scary expensive, so I'm still not sold on the whole 'flowers as decor' concept, and might just consider using flowers for our bouquets.

My absolute and definite favourite type of flower is peonies. Love peonies! There is something about peonies that just scream bride to me, and I love the way they look in a bouquet especially if there is a mix of open and closed peonies. Trust me, I didn't even know what a peony was until I started to plan this wedding, so if you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry!

So pretty! This is an all-white peony bouquet. I think if I did this I would get rid of all the greenery, and make it just a bit fuller. I love the look of this, especially the ribbon wrapped stem.

For the ladies, I'm thinking this is where we'll add a pop of colour. Since our wedding colours are black, white and yellow, I love the idea of either an all-yellow or white and yellow bouquet. I'm not a huge fan of roses, so I would want to mix all different types of yellow flowers.

Pictures from here, here, and here.

All so lovely. I really like the look of succelents as well, and for a while was obsessed with incorporating them into our centrepieces. They don't really match our wedding look though, so we'll see. I love how everything is constantly changing... I am so bad at making decisions!

As of right now, the centrepiece look I'm going for is fairly simple. We will have long rectangular tables, with white table cloths and a black runner down the middle. I want our centrepieces to be different sized hurricane vases and jars with tall white candle in them, like a lot of them, all in a row down the runner. Then scattered around them will be hydrangea flower petals. I have a picture in my mind as to how I want this to look, but I haven't done a mock-up or anything so I'm not sure what it will look like. Any thoughts?

So at this point, the florals on our table decor will be very simple - just the hydrangea petals. Paired with tall and short vases, do you think that will be enough for such a large room? I don't want it to look empty. If I did do floral arrangements on our tables, they would likely be a variety of yellow and white flowers in shorter vases - I'm not a fan of those super tall arrangement that take over the whole table. I guess I will have to look into pricing and really think about what I want before making a decision. I just think candlelight will be so romantic and elegant, and since our venue is such a large, industrial space, candlelight will really liven it up.

decorative wedding candle centerpieces

Picture something like this, but with a black table runner.

Did you know what type of florals you wanted right away, or was it a tough decision?

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