Sunday, December 5

Sunday Fun: Wedding Movies

Or: Movies with Weddings in Them.

There is a Father of the Bride marathon on TV right now (can it be a marathon with only two movies?), and it got me thinking about my favourite movies with weddings in them. There are a LOT out there. Of course, what movie isn't better with a wedding scene in it?

So what are some of you faves? Mine would have to be...

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This is probably one of my favourite wedding movies out there. I think because I have a big fat Maltese family, so there was a lot of things in the movie I could relate to. Plus, it's hilarious.

2. The Wedding Singer

Who doesn't love the 80s? This movie has great music and Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore pair so well together. And Billy Idol on the airplane? Love it!

3. The Princess Bride

This was probably THE movie of my childhood, but can you believe I didn't see it until I was in university? A friend introduced me to it and I fell in love. There are so many amazing one-liners in this movie, and it has a really great storyline. And how cute is a young Carey Elwes? Please watch this if you haven't yet.

4. Love Actually

This is probably my favourite movie of all time. Not only is it perfect for Christmas, it also has the most amazing wedding scene in it. So, although the movie isn't technically about weddings, the overall theme of love definitely makes it a win in my books! And who hasn't imagined themselves walking down the aisle with their groom while a live band pops out of the audience and plays "All You Need is Love." Love.

There are so many more out there, but I didn't want to take up my whole wall listing movies for y'all!

What are your favourite wedding movies? Or, movies with weddings in them?

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