Thursday, February 10


So after two wedding related meltdowns, we are changing things up! I am looking at this as a positive and trying to gain back a happy outlook on this wedding. I think it was becoming a case of too many cooks in the kitchen (which can happen when wedding funds are coming from a variety of sources - lesson learned, pay for your own wedding!)

Basically, I was told that because of our colour scheme the wedding is going to look like a bee (so not true!), which is apparently ugly. Thanks, Mom. So as much as I loved our yellow-inspired colour scheme, that comment kind of turned me off the whole yellow look. Now, we are going from this:

Honey Yellow, White, Charcoal, and Black
To this:

Which, I know I've posted before.

I'm really excited! Originally, we had wanted to go for a more purple/green, black and white colour palette, so this is getting a bit back to basics. D's favourite colour is green, so he is obvs really happy with the change, and I think it just looks fresh, clean and modern. Love. I am especially inspired by the tablescape (is that a word) in the above board, 2nd row, last picture. I'm thinking white linens, black table runner, green napkins, a mix of various white, fluffy flowers in milk glass vases. It's going to be great!

You might think I'm crazy changing something like this up when we have less thank 5 months to go... yikes. But luckily, I'm a procrastinator extraordinaire, so we don't have anything big done yet that would really create a problem. Despite all my lofty goals, I have yet to start any DIY projects. Trust me, DIY is not my friend!

So... yes. White, black, shades of green, some greys and silvers, milk glass, fresh, crisp + clean. This is the new theme we're aiming for. Fingers crossed!

Any big changes going on with your wedding plans?

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