Sunday, February 27

One Big Thing to Check Off the List...

So D was here for the past week (which hopefully explains my absence!) and we were able to get a few wedding-relates things knocked off our list. The biggest one by far is that we FINALLY signed the contract with our caterers! We have been in contact with them since probably September of last year, so this has been a long time coming. We had to wait to sign the contract with our reception which took forever, and then it was just a waiting game for D to come to town so we could meet them together, in person, and finalize details and menu options.

Our reception venue had a pre-approved list of about 6 caterers and we had to choose one of those options. We went with the most affordable one, which luckily has also got amazing reviews. Which is good, because unfortunately we won't be able to taste our menu before the big day. I'm a little bit nervous about that, but I have talked to a few people who have had events catered by this company, and they are all good so far, so hopefully it will all work out. Fingers crossed!

Now onto the good stuff! I'm sure you're wondering what deliciousness we picked for our menu! Our guests will arrive to the cocktail hour where there will be hot and cold passed apps - a pretty traditional mix with things such as chicken brochettes, bruschetta, spanakopita, chicken profiteroles, spring rolls, etc. Pretty standard. We chose 2 meat options and a vegetarian option for our dinner. The meat-eaters will start with a spinach & goat cheese salad, followed by with either chicken stuffed with mushrooms and asiago with garlic mashed potatoes or baked cedar-infused salmon served with an asian sesame sauce and wild rice. Both come with fresh and local seasonal vegetables. For dessert, a raspberry mousse. Later on we will have wedding cake and a late-night dessert buffet. For the vegetarians, they will start with a quinoa salad, followed by a main of portobello and tofu skewers served with ginger rice and BBQ ratatouille. Their dessert will be apple pie with coconut vanilla ice cream. Hope it's okay! It all sounds very 'wedding food,' so I hope it all looks and tastes okay.

I found it a bit weird that for our vegetarians they had to have an entire separate menu. Like, we can't choose just a different main dish for them. Hopefully it all works out and people aren't jealous of what they don't get. We know who our vegetarians are, so we are just going to pre-order the meals for them and not give the option to the rest of our guests. The reason behind this is that the vegetarian meal is almost $15 more per person than the meat options. Boggles my mind. But it is what it is, so we will make the best of it!

So that's it when it comes to food for the wedding! Like I said, we will have a late-night dessert buffet which is as-yet undetermined, but it will probably consist of cake, cupcakes, cookies, cannoli, etc. I am weighing the options of a chocolate fountain since we actually own one (I bought one for D one year as a joke... it was like $8 on ebay!), so we will have to see how the logistics for that work.

Now I just need to think about signature drinks. I know that I want some, but I need to think of what. Any suggestions?

Did you have an easy time when it came to picking your wedding menu? Does my menu sound okay? And changes I should make? I am definitely open to suggestions!

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