Tuesday, February 1

Operation: Buff Bride!

So now what I have an idea of what to expect for the honeymoon, it's time to get in shape! I don't have a ton to lose, probably only 10-15 pounds, but I am definitely soft around the edges and need to get my butt in gear! Toning up is definitely more important than the number on the scale, though...

Situationally speaking...

I've worked out pretty well for the last few years, either by going to the gym, taking classes, running, or doing DVDs at home. Right now I don't have a gym membership and (unfortunately) can't afford one, so it looks like I am doing this solo! My biggest problem is motivation... I get into a good rhythm and will do a whole week in a row, and then slack off for a week. Definitely not a good plan.

I also need to work on my eating habits. I started following this awesome eating plan before the holidays, which was basically all fresh, unprocessed foods - lean protein, lots of veggies and some fruit, limited dairy, and no refined carbs (ie. bread, pasta, and rice). It worked really well and once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy to follow even with going to restaurants. The hardest thing about it? No alcohol, which kind of sucked. As Christmas crept closer, I slacked off bit by bit, and am trying to get back into it now.

So my goal for the next 5 months is to workout at least 4-5 times a week, doing a combination of DVDs, running, and hot yoga classes (love!). I am also going to get back into my healthy eating plan, but I will go with more of an 80/20 mentality, as in following the meal plan 80% and slacking off (within reason) for 20%.

Look at those arms!

I'm writing this here because I want to be accountable to myself and to whoever is reading this. Hopefully in a the next month I will slowly start to see some progress! I know what I need to do... Now I just need to start doing it.

Do you have any specific wedding-related fitness goals? I'm sure I'm not the only one...

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