Friday, February 18

Wedding Roadie

So tomorrow I'm heading to the good ol' US of A for a little wedding shopping spree. I have been trying to gather supplies for some of my DIY projects and have noticed that a lot of things are soooo much cheaper in the States! So I've been making a lost of what I need and figuring out where I can get the best deal. Some of the things I'm looking for are:

1. Fake flowers

So I was at a Canadian Michaels this week, and I saw the price tag on one stem that said CAN - $16.99, US - $9.99. Ridiculous. So I'm armed with 40% off coupons and am hoping to find a good selection! I will probably also hit up a dollar store or two - you never know what you can find. I need these for my flower initials and to decorate a set of curly willow branches with an as-yet determined purpose.

2. A Vintage Birdcage

For cards, natch. I'm totally jumping on this bandwagon - the only problem is, I haven't been able to find these anywhere in Ottawa! I don't know if I should hold out for spring and start hitting up garage sales, but I will definitely keep an eye out for these tomorrow.

3. Shoes!

I'm still pretty undecided as to what I want, but we'll see if something catches my eye.

4. Favour boxes.

We saw these on our last foray across the border, and haven't been able to find them here at a comparable price. I'm still undecided what exactly will go in them (still holding our for macarons!), but if we have the boxes, I'm sure we can find something that can go in them. Just like Angels in the Outfield...

5. Bridesmaids Gifts

'Nuff said. Looking for some cute things for my ladies. I will probably hit up TJ Maxx to see what I can find.

6. Cardstock

Michaels has their paper on sale. And an extra coupon. I might try and pick this up so I can start working on paper products, such as signage... We'll see how that goes!

7. Aaand, last but not least, honeymoon clothes!

Even though I might not know where I'm going, I definitely want some cute, summery, beachy clothes to wear on our trip. So far I've bought a cute bikini (loving floral prints right now!) and some espadrilles. I also bought a jumper at the end of last summer (not 100% how I feel about it yet. But it was Miley Cyrus with Max Azria for Walmart. Love. Haha.). So, we'll see what else I can find. I'm thinking another bikini or two, some cute dresses, and lots of shoes!

The shopathon is on! Any suggestions for places to go and things to buy? Yay for cross border shopping!

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