Monday, January 3

Virtual Planning

Well friends, I'm a long-distance fiancée again. Le sad. I just dropped D off at the airport - he's heading back to Toronto to finish his last semester of law school. But with the wedding just over 6 months away, and D coming home in only 4 months, I think the time will go by pretty fast, especially with all the wedding plans ramping up. We can do it!

One of the ways we are staying organized is by using Google docs. I didn't really know what this was all about until last week when we were looking for a way to make a list and stay in touch with wedding stuff while D's gone. I somehow stumbled upon Google docs, and it seems like a pretty good solution. And all you need is a Gmail account. Perfect! So for those who don't know, Google docs are basically online documents (like anything you could do in Office, like word documents and spreadsheets). After opening a new document, you can share it with other people who have Gmail accounts. Then you both have access to the docs and can access it and edit it as necessary. So easy, right?

So we sat down and put together a to-do list (which D promptly went in and changed to "To-Poo List" ... Oh, boys...) and now are starting to get organized. (And only slightly panicked). I was also able to upload our guest list and budget planning spreadsheets so they are localized in one place, we both have access to it, and in the case that my computer crashes (again), we have it saved somewhere safe.

How are you keeping all your wedding planning organized?


  1. Aww, those months will fly by and you'll get to see him again! Wow, your wedding will be here before you know it!

    I use excel to get myself organized, but it gets totally overwhelming at times.

  2. It def will go fast...we just got married April 2010 and were almost on our one year anniversary. SOrry that you had to say goodbye though. I used the Knot and had a folder where I kept things like my budget written down.