Saturday, January 29

Honeymoon Surprise

For our honeymoon, we are doing things a little differently! D is planning the whole thing and I won't find out until we get to the airport - I'm so excited! There are a lot of things about this wedding that he has taken more of a backseat in - a lot of the details, for example! So this is the one thing that will be all him, and let me tell you, it feels nice to drop the reins on this one and let him take over.

Before we decided that he would plan the honeymoon, we talked a bit about where we would like to go and what we expect to do on our honeymoon. We are lucky because I'm a teacher, and D will have time off between law school and starting work, so we will both be off for all of July, and have lotsss of time for a nice getaway. I'm hoping that wherever we go will be for at least 2 weeks, if not longer. My parents went on a 3 week honeymoon, which I think sounds amazing. We both love traveling, so the longer we go, the more we can see and do... it should be amazing!

So what is some of our destination inspiration?

Amalfi coast in Italy. Gorgeous!

How about a tiny villa in Tuscany? Read books, drink wine, day trips to the beach...

Santorini, Greece.

Ibiza, Spain

The Maldives

So as you can see, a lot of beachy inspiration! We want to relax and not feel pressured to do a lot of 'touristy' things, but still do some exploring and not be too lazy. Neither of us has ever been to Europe so it would be a great first trip together as a married couple. There are just so many place we want to go, I'm sure he will have a tough time narrowing things down. As it gets closer to the trip, he is going to let me know a few details, like what kind of clothes to pack and how long we're going for. He's already told me we are going somewhere hot, so Operation: Bikini is on!

As it stands now, nothing is booked, but D has been researching and planning and will probably book something soon. He is going to do a great job...
I'm so excited!

How did you plan your honeymoon? Was it difficult to choose just one place?


  1. Wow, those places look SO nice! How fun to be surprised. I would love to have my fiance plan it and surprise me, but truth be told.. I'm too much of a control freak and have to know everything, that I don't think I could handle it. lol!

  2. Oh those pictures look so nice, especially b/c there are a couple feet of snow outside right now.

    It is so nice to not have to plan the honeymoon! My husband planned ours. I wish he had figured out the details of things he wanted to do though. When we were there he had things he wanted to do but he didn't know where things were or what their hours were so he spent a ton of time online researching things to do!

  3. Yeah, I just think it sounds so romantic to be swept away after the wedding and not know where I am going to end up. Hopefully it all works out though! He is a good researcher, so I think we'll be good, but I can see us doing some research while there too.

    I just hope it stays a surprise until it's time to go!