Tuesday, January 4

Special Delivery

They're done! Hallelujah, the Save the Dates are done. Now, time for the big reveal...

Hand addressed envelopes

A few polka dots to add detail

Who's that peeking out? (And notice the lined envelopes)

There it is! All wrapped up in a lovely twine bow.

Take off the magnet to put it on your fridge, and voila!

The whole package

So that's them. My very first DIY, aww! They were pretty grueling to do, but so far they have been well-received, even if a lot of people aren't sure what a save the date is. I definitely learned a lot in making these, and will keep a lot if things in mind for when I do the invitations.

Some thoughts:

1. We printed the cards using our home printer, and while they look okay, they still look obviously home printed. I'm not sure what our invitations are going to end up looking like, but I think we will definitely look into having them professionally printed to save ourselves the hassle and so they look nicer.

2. While the overall look is pretty cohesive, I wish there was more colour. I wish we had used a coloured envelope instead of white. Another bad thing about the white envelope was that you could kind of see through it. No bueno.

3. Hand-addressing all the envelopes was TEDIOUS. Until I got the hang of it, I kept making silly little mistakes and having to start over. Annoying. And even though the overall 'calligraphy' isn't hideous, I'm not sure how worth the stress it was. So maybe we will hire an actual calligrapher for the invites, or I'm thinking some funky wraparound labels.

Anyways, I know they're not the best of the best, but they're cute, and the most important part of the whole package is the magnet which I love. I'm just happy they're done and gone!

So what do you think?

Next, I will put up a cost breakdown because I'm curious as to how much this little project cost!


  1. Cute cute! I love the twine! I used something very similar (from Hobby Lobby) for our Save the Dates and plan on using them again for the invites! Love!

  2. Yah, I love twine! But, I have so much left... I couldn't find some anywhere in the stores here, so I bought it on ebay, and bought two packs of it. I didn't even use half of one, so def have to incorporate twine elsewhere for the wedding!

  3. They look great! I love the liner and the twine!

  4. Thanks ladies! They were a bit of a pain, but worth it in the end!