Tuesday, January 25

A Little Update...

At just over five months to go, the wedding plans are really starting to ramp up. Since I've been planning this for over 2 years at this point, I've pretty much come to terms with what I want and what needs to be done. I have checklists, inspiration pictures, different readings, etc. that I've come across over the years since getting engaged.

This past weekend, I sat down with my mom and MOO and went over all the projects that need to get done and what vendors still need to be decided on and booked. As we were talking, I could see my mom's eyes getting bigger and bigger, kind of taking on this glazed over, panic-stricken look. Give her time... she will come to terms with it just like I have!

So my upcoming projects in the next few weeks are faux-flower initials and finalizing what I want out table layout/centrepieces to look like, and start acquiring pieces. And here we go again!

Inspiration for the flower initials

So, a few questions:

Has anyone made these flower initials before? How do you make them without having them look cheap (like, because they are fake flowers)? Is it bad if I just use a double layer of carboard to use as the base of the letters, and then affix the flowers to that, and then paint the backs so you can't really tell it's cardboard? I just can't fathom spend $20 - $30 on wood cut-out letters when I could DIY for a lot cheaper. Also, I'm thinking mixing white and yellow flowers, and then using black or grey ribbon to hang them. Cute, right?

Okay, now on the the tables. I am going to try and describe what's in my mind and try to get some feedback on what it will look like. (Yeesh, this is so hard!) Okay, so our tables are square, and I want to have black, floor-length tablecloths with a sheer grey overlay (not covering the whole table, just a square in the middle - not sure what it's called!). For our centrepieces, I am thinking a mix of yellow and white flowers (but grouped by colour, not mixed) in short, silver vases, surrounded by lots of different sized white candles in clear vases. Whew! What do we think? Does that sound like a cohesive look? The dinnerware will all be white or silver, and for the napkins I'm thinking a nice bright yellow. Let's see if I have some pictures to show...

Overall room inspiration (oh, the lanterns!)

Mix and match flowers

Lots and lots of candles

So that's where my head's at right now. I guess eventually I need to make some decisions! It's just so much more fun to look at all the pretty pictures and put of making actual decisions!

Did you have trouble combining all your inspiration into one cohesive look?

** Also, sorry about the absence! Things have been crazyyyy around home, but I'm back! Hopefully there are still some of you reading out there! xoxo

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