Thursday, January 6


So, funny story. (I can't believe I didn't share this sooner!)

The day I purchased my wedding dress, I was wearing my dress and prancing around the dressing room because we were waiting for one of my BMs to show up. I was chatting with my sister/MOH, and was telling her that I was going to call her my 'Moe' from now on because she was my Maid of Honour. Maid of Honour/MOH/Moe... get it?

So my lovely little sis, darling that she is, turns to me and says: 'Wait, don't you mean MOO?' We kind of blankly stared at each other for about ten seconds, then she continued: 'You know, MAID. OF. ONOR?' It took me an additional 5 seconds of blank staring before I realized what she was saying and that she wasn't calling herself a cow. I, of course, being the awesome big sister that I am, promptly laughed in her faced and said: "Think about what you just said to me..." She totally caught on to her mistake, I think as she was saying it, but it was so so funny.

Ah, my little sis. She's definitely good for the lols! And that's how my MOH became my MOO.

Any funny wedding stories to share?

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